People Solutions for Small Business is locally owned and operated and focuses on the small businesses that make this immediate and surrounding area such a great place to live, work and play. Multiple pricing and engagement options, from on-site to on-call, allows maximum flexibility to meet your needs. No other agency in the area provides such a complete array of HR related services.

We differentiate ourselves in two respects. First, our business approach is one of partnership. Engaging in a service agreement allows for both parties to discover ways to improve company performance and financials. After all, it's one thing to become successful. It's another to remain successful. We can help achieve both.

The second way we differentiate ourselves is through our pricing. Within the Madison area, a senior level HR professional with the SPHR designation and 10 years of exempt experience with a good company will command an annual salary of over $70,000 ( Add on benefits, bonus and other perks, and you have total compensation in excess of $100,000.

Small business owners do not have a need for a full time HR professional nor do they have the budget for one. Yet, the experience and skills set of a senior level HR professional is exactly what they need to help grow and foster their business. Now, through an engagement agreement with People Solutions for Small Business, your business can enjoy the benefits of a senior HR professional at a fraction of the cost.

Services and guidance offered by People Solutions for Small Business does not replace legal counsel.

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