Believed to be the first HR provider firm in South Central Wisconsin to offer this service, People Solutions for Small Business, LLC , is pleased to announce it's Unlimited Phone Consultation program. This program is designed for the small employer who wants to enjoy the benefits and counsel of a senior level HR professional without incurring payroll expense or entering into a long-term agreement.

Benefits of this service:

  • Receive quick answers to you HR-related questions
  • Act as a "sounding board" for ideas
  • Provide guidance through a delicate personnel issue (harrassment, termination, etc.)
  • Up to one hour of research time per call is included in this service
  • You have at your disposal a senior-level HR professional with 26 years experience in performance management, employee relations, recruiting/retention and training/development
  • Help you get out of crisis mode
  • Work exceeding the scope of this service will be billed at a pre-determined rate
  • Cost effective - $50/month billed quarterly
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Services and guidance offered by People Solutions for Small Business does not replace legal counsel.

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