People Solutions for Small Business chooses to create a long-term relationship with area businesses rather than act as a project consultant. We get to know your business needs from a broader perspective and are able to deliver customized, tailored programs and initiatives for both the short term and the long haul. The level of service can range from on-site dedicated service to a comprehensive off-site support package. The level of service is customized to meet your specific needs.

Consultants serve a valuable role to business owners. Consultants acquire a body of knowledge that offers value for the undertaking of a project. Upon the completion of the project, the consultant delivers a quality end product that meets the client's needs. The client, then, is often left to implement the project that has just been developed.

People Solutions for Small Business will not only deliver a quality end product but will also implement and monitor the work that has been done. This value added service is one way we can give you more time to focus on your core business needs.

How else can People Solutions for Small Business help your company? Take a look at the services that we offer.

Create Policy and Procedure Manuals covering employment, compensation, employee relations, time off, health and wellness programs, harassment and discrimination.
Administer benefit plans and programs.
Develop Performance Management Systems to maximize employee efforts.
Train supervisors and employees on performance management to create win-win culture.
Develop recruiting and staffing strategy to meet short term and long term employment and diversity goals.
Create orientation and indoctrination programs to welcome new hires into the Company.
Develop retention programs to reduce turnover.
Develop succession plans to improve employee loyalty and retention and provide for business continuity.
Conduct employee satisfaction surveys to identify and address areas of discontent.
Conduct salary surveys to ensure pay scales are competitive with market.
Identify training needs and develop programs to satisfy those needs.
Improve Safety awareness and reduce workers compensation exposure.
Coordinate training on retirement programs and options.
Develop job descriptions for both exempt and non-exempt positions.
Represent Company at Unemployment Compensation hearings.
Create out processing/exit interview procedures to gain perspectives of departing employee.
Implement low cost-high payoff benefits for employees.
Remain in compliance with federal and state laws (FMLA, COBRA, ADA).
Create management reports that provide snap shot of HR posture.
Create Quality of Life programs for employees and their families.
Prevent problems before they occur.

Services and guidance offered by People Solutions for Small Business does not replace legal counsel.

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