People Solutions for Small Business helps reduce risk and cost to its clients. An experienced HR professional can:

  • Guide your company through employee relations and compliance issues that may otherwise end up in litigation;
  • Create solid performance management programs to establish goals that are attainable and measurable;
  • Implement effective staffing and recruiting strategies to utilize best practices to attract new employees;
  • Improve employee retention, reduce the costs of hiring mistakes and save valuable time;
  • Work effectively with your legal counsel to prevent problems before they occur;
  • People Solutions for Small Business offers a three-year price guarantee.

In addition, government compliance is becoming more complex. Staying abreast of the never-ending changes in federal labor law and the nuances between state and federal laws can cause even the experienced HR professional to become overwhelmed. Compliance issues that entail EEOC, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, Workers Compensation, Equal Rights/Wage and Hour and Title VII issues can be mitigated by a comprehensive audit.

Services and guidance offered by People Solutions for Small Business does not replace legal counsel.

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