People Solutions for Small Business is a professional service for small business owners who want to maximize their competitive advantage. An effective Human Resources (HR) program can create the infrastructure to achieve that goal.

What would you do with 10% more time in your busy day?

  • Work on quality issues?
  • Work on expanding your market?
  • Work on product development?
  • More time with your family?

A key offering of People Solutions for Small Business is just that…giving you more time to do those tasks that are important to you.

An effective HR program can be a profit center rather than mere overhead. Our service model focuses on the six "Rights" of HR:

  • The Right People -recruiting and retention of staff that are not only the best qualified, but the best fit.
  • The Right Job-motivating the staff through performance measurement, compensation and incentive plans, employee relations, training and development, and conflict resolution.
  • The Right Way-retention of top talent is not achieved by annual pay increases. Keep employees engaged in their work through performance improvement, skill acquisition, and continuing education.
  • The Right Documentation-the multitude of state and federal labor laws is becoming more complex. Recent changes in FLSA are causing many employers to review their structures. Unemployment and workers compensation claims can cause erosion of the bottom line. The right documentation can protect your assets.
  • The Right Policies-effective policies and the communication of those policies can go a long way in reducing your potential liability risks as well as revenue risks.
  • The Right Value-investment in your employees is critical in the retention equation. Creating the right value for your company can be enhanced with a quality employee benefits program that meets the needs of the employees while being fiscally responsible.

Services and guidance offered by People Solutions for Small Business does not replace legal counsel.

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